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Our real-time bacterial inspection technology is revolutionizing the food inspection

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Farm to plate, make food safe

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See invisible

With the optical sensor the bio-hazard on the food items can be seen which is not visible to naked eyes.

real-time inspection

Our unique technology allows to inspect food in real-time. So no more waiting for days before the test results are known. 

Avoid Product recall

With real-time analysis, the food recalls and potential food poisoning can be avoided. This means you never have to worry about product recall again.

Facts and Figures

Real-time bacterial inspection sensor can solve the problem of food recalls


We are developing a sensor to perform spoilage detection in real-time.  


The sensor utilizes optical technology and machine learning algorithms, scans the meat item and predicts its freshness level based on the number of bacteria.


This real-time bacterial inspection system (ReBIS) ensures that each and every corner of meat is safe for consumption.


Our USP include real time inspection, automated system, non-invasive and cost effective solution and ease of use.

Alok Kumar Singh

"The Inventor"

Dr. Pankaj K. Mishra

"The Thinker"



Start-up Award
Laser World of Photonics 2019


Best Pitch Award
Digital Hub Mannheim/Ludwigshafen 5-HT


Best Pitch Award
ICE/IEEE conference 2018, startup pitch

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